Dictation on the Go!

NEMT’s new revolutionary iPhone app makes dictating reports as easy as picking up your iPhone
  • Use your iPhone to select a patient from your schedule, dictate and send
  • One-touch dictation -- anytime, anywhere
  • Visual indicators show which reports have already been dictated using the app
  • Easily and securely dictate and send from something you’re already carrying -- your iPhone


With our dictation app, you can:

  • Integrate with your scheduling system to eliminate MRN data entry
  • Dictate by selecting a patient from your schedule, which is loaded automatically when you log in
  • Dictate a report for a patient not scheduled
  • Eliminate the need to punch in demographic info
  • Have the ability to include a work type for streamlined report routing
  • Review your schedule even if a report isn’t being dictated
  • Quickly determine which reports were already dictated using the app
  • Listen to reports previously dictated using the app