Data Security

    • We provide 100% end-to-end encryption for:
      • Text
      • ADT patient information
      • Voice
    • NEMT encryption is certified by Thawte – the leading authenticator of encryption services
      • Thawte-certified for more than 10 years
    • NEMT offers SSL and VPN encryption options
      • Special routers and co-location facilities for VPN clients
    • NEMT's SOC 2 audited colocation facility ensures continuous operations and connectivity
    • Software upgrades (including database upgrades) are always provided at no charge
    • NEMT performs
      • Quarterly internal vulnerability scanning
      • Annual external penetration testing


    HIPAA Security

    • NEMT employs an experienced outside HIPAA compliance firm
    • NEMT's president is certified by AHIMA with accreditation in Healthcare Privacy and Security and oversees all security operations and policies
    • Every NEMT workforce member is independently educated and tested annually in HIPAA compliance
    • NEMT requires all vendors and associates to meet HIPAA mandates
    • In 26 years of doing business, NEMT has never had a security breach
    • More than 90 times over the past 8 years, NEMT's procedures have saved our clients from committing HIPAA violations
    • In the last five years, NEMT has invested more than 2,500 hours on HIPAA education and testing.


    NEMT can handle encryption needs from 128-bit SSL encryption to 1024- bit SSL encryption.


    HIPAA Compliance policy


    Read more about HIPAA from our partner, HIPAA expert Brenda Hurley