In addition to our client-side interfacing services, NEMT also provides free vendor-side interfacing services for all of our transcription clients.

  • NEMT writes to your specs, not the other way around, to save your IT department time.
  • Whether it’s a few hours of your IT department’s time for a simple set-up (saving you hundreds) or a considerable number of hours for more complex arrangements (saving you thousands), you do not pay extra.
  • NEMT’s transcription platform has interfaced with more than 30 platforms, including various versions of Meditech, Chartscript, and multiple HL7-enabled systems.
  • In the last six years, NEMT created more than 220 custom interfaces for our clients – at no additional charge.
  • Every implementation in the past 10 years was completed and fully operational on schedule.

YOU approve each step in our implementation process. That means each time we complete an implementation milestone, you sign off on it or we don’t proceed until you are satisfied.

This includes providing:

  1. Connections (VPN and interface)
  2. Assurance that data is going to the proper fields
  3. Information that is visually structured as required
  4. Distribution of reports to meet agreed-upon parameters