Pricing Methodologies

  • NEMT charges a set rate based on your specified turnaround time and volume.
  • There are never any additional fees for our hardware, software, tech support or implementation
  • Your total cost is clear and calculable from the very beginning.

Units of measure

NEMT supports all industry-standard units of measure, including:

  • Price per line
  • Price per page
  • VBC

65-character line

A 65-character line with spaces is calculated as (characters + spaces) / 65
For example, this paragraph contains 191 characters including spaces, and takes up 2.938 lines. The line count is calculated by dividing the total number of characters and spaces (191) by 65.


A visible black character is defined as any printed letter, number, symbol, or punctuation mark, excluding all formatting (bold, underline, italics, table structure, spacing, etc.).

For example, here the word J e f f e r s o n is in italics, underlined and bolded with a space between each letter; this is counted as nine characters.

STAT reports

STAT reports are offered at no extra charge, provided that the number of STATs does not exceed 5 percent of the total number of reports for the account.


NEMT’s transcription rates are all-inclusive; we provide free:

  • Implementation
  • Set-up
  • Local phone numbers
  • Tech support
  • Custom interfaces


We custom-design invoices and billing statements to show your preferred details, such as:

  • Physician reports
  • Work-type summaries
  • Department breakdown
  • Location or facility for multiple-facility clients


NEMT can also provide monthly reports to show your averages for:

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