We believe in flexibility and choice when it comes to dictation. NEMT provides options that allow physicians to choose dictation via:

  • SpeakEZ dictation app
  • Telephone
  • Handheld recorder

Regardless of your preference, NEMT makes it simple, providing the choices and flexibility to dictate when and where you want.

SpeakEZ dictation app

  • NEMT's SpeakEZ app allows you to dictate on the go from your iPhone
  • One-click dictation from your iPhone means no extra hardware
  • Recordings are saved locally on your iPhone and transmitted securely to our servers



  • In most cases, we can provide a phone system that allows you to call in dictations to the same phone number you already use.
  • Our calling system allows you to pause, rewind and forward the recording at any time.
  • After you’ve completed dictating the report, you can end the call or begin a new report without hanging up and redialing.


Handheld recorders

  • NEMT’s platforms integrate effortlessly with most major handheld recorder brands.
  • Our IT specialists can provide advice, troubleshooting tips and software recommendations for handhelds – at no additional cost.