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Healthcare -- the debate segment you weren't paying attention to
Let’s be honest – by the time the Oct. 9 presidential debate turned to healthcare, most of us weren’t paying attention to the candidates’ words – we were just yelling comebacks and insults at the screen. So in case you missed it, here’s a quick recap of what went down on Obamacare:
The audits are coming!
As business associates, we have not been high on the radar screen as far as audits go with the OCR. This year that is changing. Although not as many business associates will be audited as covered entities, we will be included in the audit process. In fact, some of the notifications to business associates should have already gone out.
What in the world is that?
Have you ever wanted to search for an item, but you didn’t know what to call it? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just take a picture and search that way? Now you can … in more ways than one. It’s called image based searching, and it’s a lot of fun. How you do it depends on what type of smart phone you have.

Media reports about NEMT

Realistic Expectations Key to Speech Recognition Success - For The Record Magazine
No technology is infallible, but often that doesn't prevent users from expecting perfection. Whether it's an EMR or computer-assisted coding, health care professionals frequently demand the tool to solve all their problems. The same goes for speech recognition.
MTSOs Gear for OCR Audits - For The Record Magazine
The latest round of HIPAA audits is expected to be the most stringent yet. Unlike the pilot audits, which began in 2011, these will impact medical transcription service organizations (MTSOs), which are considered business associates (BAs) of covered entities (CEs). As the audits get under way, MTSOs are working diligently to be prepared should they need to answer the bell.
NEMT President Named AHDI Advocate of the Year -- For the Record Magazine
Linda Allard, president of the Maine-based medical transcription firm NEMT, won the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity’s (ADHI) prestigious Advocate of the Year award.
NEMT president named Advocate of the Year - The Times Record
WOOLWICH — On July 24, Linda Allard, president of the Maine-based medical transcription firm NEMT, won the Advocate of the Year award from the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI), the national clinical documentation organization.
And it shall be written - For The Record Magazine
Experts offer advice on the finer points of transcription vendor contracts.
Speak Clearly and Carry a Big Credential - For The Record Magazine
While celebrating its 35th anniversary during its recent annual conference, the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI) announced a rebranding of the profession formerly known as medical transcription, as leadership determined “health care documentation specialist” better describes members’ skill set.
NEMT Wins AHDI Technology Award - For The Record magazine
The Maine-based medical transcription firm NEMT received the Innovation Through Technology award at the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity's national convention in Florida. The award recognizes a company for raising the bar when it comes to technology standards in the industry.
How to Fix Poor Dictation - For the Record Magazine
For years, physicians have been dictating their patient reports and for years, transcriptionists have been trying to figure out what they’re saying. But as the health care system evolves, technology such as EHRs and speech recognition are turning difficulties during the transcription phase into serious downstream challenges.
Making the Grade - For the Record Magazine
Medical transcription education attempts to keep pace with an evolving documentation landscape.
NEMT Provides Free Transcription to Oasis Free Clinic - For The Record Magazine
The Oasis Health Network, Inc of Brunswick, Maine got some much-needed assistance recently when New England Medical Transcription (NEMT) volunteered to provide free documentation for doctors. Oasis Health Network, Inc is a free health clinic that serves the greater Brunswick area, providing healthcare to the uninsured residents of the Bath, Brunswick, Harpswell, Freeport area.
NEMT Named Employer of the Year by AHDI - Advance Magazine
The Maine-based medical transcription firm NEMT has been named Employer of the Year by the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity, the national clinical documentation organization. Out of hundreds of clinical documentation firms in the U.S., NEMT was chosen because of its commitment to its 200 employees and independent contractors.
NEMT named Employer of the Year - For the Record Magazine
The Maine-based medical transcription firm NEMT has been named Employer of the Year by the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI), the national clinical documentation organization.
A Matter of Productivity - For The Record Magazine
Nearly all medical transcription service organizations (MTSOs) provide individual access to their medical transcriptionists’ (MTs) productivity figures. As a result, MTs can track their line production to meet daily or other periodic goals to which they have committed. Some companies take it a step further and share productivity measures with an entire team of transcriptionists working on an account, usually without attaching a name to the numbers.
NEMT a Finalist for Employer of the Year Award - For the Record Magazine
The Maine-based medical transcription firm NEMT has been named a finalist for the prestigious Employer of the Year Award by the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI), the national clinical documentation organization.
Utterly Essential -- For The Record Magazine
Many physicians view dictation as a fundamental component of everyday operations. Can EHRs compensate for this long-held attraction?
Proceed With Caution - For the Record Magazine
Speech recognition can help reduce costs, but healthcare organizations should take steps to ensure they’re not sacrificing quality in the process.
Can IBM's Watson Beat the Odds? - For the Record magazine
Having put Watson through its paces with a successful showing against two Jeopardy! champions, IBM has set in motion plans to turn its supercomputer loose on the healthcare industry.
Spend Quality Time with MTs - For the Record magazine
Carleen Thacker, director of operations at New England Medical Transcription, works with transcriptionists to not only correct mistakes but, more importantly, to prevent them in the first place.
NEMT announces promotions and new hires - The Times Record
WOOLWICH — New England Medical Transcription, one of the nation’s largest all-domestic medical transcription firms, has announced a series of senior-level promotions and new hires.
NEMT’s Sullivan receives recognition - The Times Record
WOOLWICH — Enterprising Women magazine recently announced that NEMT President Linda Sullivan has received an honorable mention for the Enterprising Women of the Year award.
NEMT Owner Earns Enterprising Women Award - For The Record
Enterprising Women magazine has announced that NEMT President Linda Sullivan has been given honorable mention for the Enterprising Women of the Year Award. Sullivan, who owns the Maine-based medical transcription firm, was selected out of hundreds of nominees from around the world. Enterprising Women magazine received an unprecedented number of entries for this year’s competition, which honors women who have demonstrated that they have fast-growth businesses, mentor or actively support other women and girls involved in entrepreneurship, and stand out as leaders in their communities.
Maine companies make Inc. Magazine's 500 | 5000 list - WCSH Channel 6, Portland, ME
WOOLWICH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The red, 1740's Colonial house doesn't look like a corporate headquarters, but for New England Medical Transcription, it is just that. Linda Sullivan started the business in her home office twenty years ago, transcribing reports for her son's doctor. From there, she added a few more transcriptionists. Now, the company employs some 300 people all over the country.
NEMT Inks Deal With NLP International - For the Record Magazine
Few industries are advancing as quickly as the healthcare information field and New England Medical Transcription (NEMT) transcription firm has announced that it has signed a contract with NLP International, a natural language processing company.
NEMT makes list of fastest-growing firms - The Times Record
WOOLWICH — NEMT, a New England-based medical transcription company, recently made Inc. 5000’s list of fastest-growing companies for the fourth year in a row. “We’re very pleased to have made’s list of top U.S. companies for the fourth time,” said Linda Sullivan, president and owner of NEMT. “This is a testament not only to our solid business plan, but to the hard work and dedication of the entire NEMT team.”

Articles written by NEMT staff

NEMT, ChartNet to Provide Speech Rec Externship - For The Record Magazine
It’s no secret that medical transcriptionists are struggling to stay relevant in a rapidly changing industry. For many, that means moving from transcription to speech recognition editing. However, for students just starting school, there’s one problem: There’s no easy way to get real-world speech recognition experience—until now.
Expectations and Reality; A Changing World -- Plexus Magazine
How do we make sure education keeps pace with a changing industry? It’s certainly not a question that’s unique to clinical documentation, but it’s being asked with increasing frequency in the field these days.
Transcription externships -- How well do they work?
AHDI's "Plexus" magazine cover story, May 2012, on NEMT's innovative new externship program.
Is speech rec all it’s cracked up to be?
In the Oct. 10, 2011 edition of "For the Record" magazine, NEMT Chief Executive Officer Linda Sullivan discusses speech recognition as a technology that isn't all it's cracked up to be.
Connecting the Dots - Matrix magazine
It’s long been a problem in the health information industry: how do you make the leap from transcription student to transcription professional? Internships are few and far between so students finish classes without any actual work experience. And it’s not just a problem for the students; companies who hire recent graduates invest time and money in training, all the while gambling that the new MTs will be able to keep up in a real-world environment. (By Tara Courtland)
MTSOs can ease fiscal pressures - For The Record Magazine
These days, we keep hearing in the news that we are approaching the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. (Funny that it was dubbed “great” when awful seems more fitting.) Recently, I’ve begun to hear the situation described as a “decession”—an economic slowdown that falls somewhere below a recession but not as bad as a depression. (By Linda Sullivan)
Merger Madness - by Linda Sullivan
When I hear the term mergers and acquisitions, the first thing that comes to mind is the 1988 film Working Girl and the scene where Melanie Griffith’s character tries to persuade her radio conglomerate bosses to purchase a string of family-owned TV stations. At the time, I was more focused on Harrison Ford than the concept behind mergers and acquisitions.
The 30,000-Foot View — Transcription and Revenue Cycle Management - by Linda M. Sullivan
Medical transcription is a fascinating business and craft. The best transcriptionists are those who are truly engaged and excited about their careers. Medical transcription offers myriad opportunities for learning on a daily basis. That love of learning, of course, needs to be layered on a good foundation of knowledge, a solid grounding in grammar, great computer skills, and, because so many work from their homes, self-discipline.
The Visible Black Character — What You See Is What You Get ... Or Not -- For The Record Magazine
A visible black character is a visible black character is a visible black character. Right? Yes ... well, maybe. Last year, AHIMA and MTIA recommended the visible black character (VBC) become the standard unit of measure for counting and billing methodologies. (By Linda Sullivan)