NEMT management team

Linda Sullivan

Linda M. Sullivan

Chief Executive Officer

Experience: 26 years

Linda M. Sullivan of Maine owns and operates New England Medical Transcription, Inc. Before entering the transcription industry, she worked in a family newspaper business, international trading business, fitness business and several retail ventures. Twenty years ago, she began her career as a medical transcriptionist and today heads up NEMT, which has approximately 240 employees and contractors. She is the founding chapter coordinator of the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity's Pine Tree Chapter in Maine and was elected as the organization's first president. She also served as president of the New England Association for Medical Transcription, the six-state umbrella for AHDI. Linda is a member of Vistage, the Women Presidents’ Organization and is currently a board member of the Clinical Documentation Industry Association.

Fun fact: Before she was a renowned transcription firm owner, Linda was a high school cheerleader and in college worked the graveyard shift of Hartwick College’s radio station as a disk jockey.

Linda Allard

Linda Allard, CHPS


Experience: 28 years

Linda Allard has worked in the transcription industry since 1987, first as a transcriptionist and later as an editor, external auditor, account director, recruiter, human resources director, transcription professor and vice president of operations. As president, she oversees all operations, sales and marketing, as well as long-term strategy. A resident of Richmond, Va., Linda travels to client facilities regularly to meet with administrators and physicians. She is also a national speaker and educator and is featured regularly in industry conventions and webinars. In 2013, Linda was credentialed as a Certified Healthcare Privacy and Security (CHPS) professional.

Fun fact: Linda often has icing in her hair but it's no cause for alarm; she's just working on a second career as a contestant on "Cupcake Wars."

Andrew Clarke

Andrew Clarke

IT Magician

Experience: 35 years

Andrew began working with NEMT in 2007 as an IT specialist in platform support and installation, as well as interface creation and implementation. He has been in the IT field for over 30 years and has specialized in medical transcription for well over a decade. Andrew, a resident of Goochland, Va., has extensive knowledge of various dictation systems, interface methods, voice capture protocols and medical transcription platforms.

Fun fact: Andrew is known as the IT Magician, in part because he performs impossible feats with interfaces, and in part because he's actually an amateur magician. He specializes in making things disappear and in telling bad puns to make the audience groan.

Tara Courtland

Tara Courtland

Director of Communications

Experience: 19 years

Tara Courtland handles marketing, advertising, public relations and communications for NEMT. She has served as a reporter, designer and managing editor for local newspapers since 1997 and has also worked as a media and community relations consultant. Tara lives outside Washington, D.C. and specializes in governmental issues facing businesses and communities.

Fun fact: Tara could recite all seven Harry Potter books from memory long before she had children and is only slightly embarrassed by this fact.

Jewell Ford

Jewell Ford

HIPAA Compliance Officer

Experience: 30 years

Jewell Ford oversees all HIPAA compliance activities for NEMT, including classes, testing, documentation, enforcement and updates.
Before joining the NEMT team, Jewell spent more than 30 years in the medical field, both in private practice and in medical and psychiatric hospital settings. She has worked as a medical secretary and physician’s assistant and has trained and supervised medical secretaries. Jewell has also worked more recently as a transcription recruiter for HR departments.

Fun fact: Jewell spends all of her summer weekends boating on the Chesapeake Bay, where she never lets her perfectly manicured nails impede her ability to pick crabs like a pro.

Lori Marchand

Lori Marchand

Manager of Implementation and Product Development

Experience: 35 years

Lori Marchand is dedicated to starting new accounts at NEMT and to managing the launch of all new projects, platforms and technologies. An Ohio resident, she has worked as a transcriptionist since 1979, later owning her own company and then serving as an operations coordinator, editor, mentor and trainer. At NEMT, Lori served as the director of training and development, wrote instruction manuals and oversaw the staff in the Orientation Program before being promoted to her current job.

Fun fact: Lori objects strongly to having her picture taken. We’re not 100 percent sure this is really a photo of her.

Carleen Thacker

Carleen Mitchell

Quality Assurance Manager

Experience: 26 years

Carleen Mitchell of Wisconsin oversees all quality and accuracy issues and works with the managers to ensure that NEMT meets both its TAT goals and its quality targets. She manages NEMT's startup teams and trains new ICs. A transcriptionist since 1992, Carleen has worked as an MT, editor, proofreader, supervisor and trainer for a variety of transcription companies on both hospital and clinic accounts.

Fun fact: Carleen enjoys camping, bird-watching and singing. Her friends and family wish she'd stick to the camping and bird-watching.

Account managers

Average experience: 26.3 years

Every account at NEMT is assigned a manager to handle all day-to-day operations. The managers are available each day as the go-to person for any issues or questions that arise. They handle all STAT reports and monitor the system to ensure all reports are flowing efficiently. Account managers also maintain the NEMT database, integrate new hires into the system and troubleshoot minor tech issues for the MTs.

Orientation team

Average experience: 28.0 years

NEMT's orientation team members work one-on-one with each transcriptionist on a new account, helping them learn the account specifics and physician preferences. After orientation, these specialists are available for individual assistance any time an MT needs extra help or has questions.